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Systemic Contact Dermatitis – Kids and Ketchup


Address correspondence to Sharon E. Jacob, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology, Contact Dermatitis Clinic Rady Children’s Hospital, 8010 Frost St., Suite 602, San Diego, CA 92123, or e-mail:


Abstract:  Systemic manifestations of allergic contact dermatitis due to consumption of foods containing balsam of Peru (Myroxylon pereirae)-associated chemicals have recently been reported in children. We present seven children with widespread, recalcitrant dermatitis who experienced 60–80% clearance after initiating a diet low in balsam of Peru, specifically the tomato product ketchup. Furthermore, because we have observed a high prevalence of ketchup in our pediatric patients’ diets, we recommend consideration of moderate consumption of this product in patients with recalcitrant widespread dermatitis.