Table 1 from the Volpp et al. article “The Effect of Market Reform on Racial Differences in Hospital Mortality” (November 2006 issue) inadvertently contains the descriptive statistics for the 5-condition sample and not the 7-condition sample, as previously reported. Starting on line 4 of the results section, the text should be modified as follows (changes in italics): “Among whites admitted with the 2 conditions for which admission may be discretionary (not shown), admissions increased by 3.9% in New York and 3.7% in New Jersey, whereas among blacks admissions increased by 18.8% in New York and 12.2% in New Jersey. Within the 5-condition sample, unadjusted mortality rates decreased for both blacks and whites in New York as well as among whites in New Jersey. Uninsured black patients in the 5-condition sample in New Jersey were the only patients to experience an increase in unadjusted mortality after the New Jersey reform.