• exotic;
  • invasive;
  • postagriculture;
  • restoration;
  • succession;
  • transplant

The methods employed in a restoration can impact the resulting plant community. This study investigated the effect of restoration method on several indices of plant community structure by comparing two restoration methods conducted over an 8-year period to a naturally colonized postagricultural field and a remnant grassland. The restoration methods included (1) distributing seed over fallow fields and (2) planting established seedlings in combination with seeding a fallow field. We found greater plant community resemblance (i.e., floristic quality, native species richness, and native diversity) to remnant grasslands with the introduction of seedlings during the first 4 years of restoration. There was also a negative correlation between the native plant diversity and the density of exotic plants in the restoration. This relationship suggests that introducing native plants in postagricultural fields may represent an effective management strategy to reduce exotic plant density.