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Table S1. Description of restored sites.

Table S2. Density of plants (seedlings/ha) and seeds (kg/ha) planted in high (H) and low (L) intensity understory planting sites. Plants (P) are in regular font and seeds (S) are in italics. TotSpPl = Total number of species planted and/or seeded. TotPlDe = Total plant density. TotSeDe = Total seed density. NDD = no density data available.

Table S3. Mean relative native understory cover (with G. aparine included) in 15 sites surveyed in 2001 and again in 2007. Overstory species were not included. Values are means per quadrat ± SE compared using unpaired two-tailed ttests. F: Flynn; K: Kopta Slough; L: Lohman; P2: Phelan Island 2; PEM: Princeton East mixed riparian; PEV: Princeton East valley oak; RU: River Unit; RV: Rio Vista; SS: Sam Slough; SM: Shaw mixed riparian; SP: Shaw cottonwood/willow. Δ = cover 2007–cover 2001.

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