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Appendix S1. A summary of the total sampling effort expended during the spider sampling regime. The following is detailed for each habitat block: total number of sample hours invested in time-restricted searches, total number of net sweeps required for sweep-net samples, and total number of days when pitfall traps were active. The total number of subsamples obtained from each sampling effort is noted in parentheses.

Appendix S2. Habitat preference of each spider species collected at the Strawberry Plains restoration site. Following Oxbrough et al. (2005), species were divided into forest specialists, open specialists, or habitat generalists based on life-history information found in the scientific literature, as well as in the University of Mississippi Arachnological Collection (UMAC) and Nearctic Spider Database (NSD). When information on habitat was ambiguous or absent, habitat preferences were designated as “unknown.”

Appendix S3. Relative abundance, subdivided by habitat block, of each spider species collected at the Strawberry Plains restoration site. The abundances are summed across the entire sampling regime, which includes the October 2008 and January 2009 samples taken before the plot change occurred. Morphospecies that likely represent undescribed species are marked with an asterisk.

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