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Table S1. Ecological indicators in recent stated preference valuation analyses of aquatic ecosystem services. Each indicator is represented on a separate row, except where noted. Some indicator descriptions are simplified for clarity of presentation. To more fully describe each indicator, the table provides: (1) one or more welfare-relevant ecological endpoints for each indicator (see text for distinction between endpoints and indicators); (2) lower and upper limits (as lower/upper) to the range of indicator values, omitting intermediate values if any for conciseness. Each indicator is scored according to whether it meets three guidelines: measurable if field workers could unambiguously score its value (yes/no), interpretable if both baseline and reference values were clear (yes/no), and applicable if the published account reported both consultation with ecologists and focus groups as a basis for indicator development (yes/unclear). To illustrate the comprehensiveness of indicators used in a particular study, the table also provides the environmental stressors that the restoration project reported in the study was designed to ameliorate, and whether the indicator reflected a direct or indirect effect of the restoration.

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