• Presented in Part at the Bergen Migraine Symposium, June 1975



The relation of migraine to atopy was studied. 89 cases of migraine and 27 muscle contraction headache has serum IgE levels determined. In addition, 504 patients were questioned about personal and family history of atopy. There were 73 muscle contraction headache, 55 cluster headache, 70 classical migraine, 189 common migraine and 117 mixed muscle contraction and migraine headache in this group. Elevated serum IgE levels were found in 5.7% of migraine and 3.7 % of muscle contraction headache patients. The incidence is not significantly different from non-atopic general population. The prevalence of atopic disorders in migraine patients and their relatives did not differ from that found in patients with muscle contraction headache. This study does not support the concept that migraine is an IgE-mediated hypersensitivity state.