Clinical Effectiveness of Lisuride Hydrogen Maleate: A Double-Blind Trial Versus Methysergide




In a controlled double-blind study of the therapeutic efficacy and clinical tolerance of lisuride hydrogen maleate (LHM), 25 mcg tid, and methysergide (MET), 2 mg tid, in 253 patients 50% or more reduction in number of attacks was noted in 53% of patients treated with LHM and in 51% of patients treated with MET. Thirty-nine percent of the MET group and 17% of the LHM group discontinued the medications because of side effects (p<0.05, Chi2 test). Complaints of muscle weakness, coldness of extremities and dizziness were less common in the LHM group than in the MET group. It is suggested that LHM is as effective as MET in the prophylaxis of migraine and is associated with fewer side effects.