A Follow-Up Evaluation of the Menninger Pilot Migraine Study Using Thermal Training




One hundred and ten headache sufferers entered the Migraine Headache Study from 1969 to 1974; 74 completed 270 days of training and follow-up; 36 (33%) had thermal training, but dropped out before completing 270 days.

Records were examined for all participants with 23 variables identified. A progress report was obtained through questionnaire andor telephone survey from 56 (76%) of the 74 “graduates” and from 12 (33%) of the 36 “dropouts” through telephone survey alone.

Comparisons were made between respondents and nonrespondents in the Graduate and Dropout groups. Although there is reduction of headache frequency for both groups, Graduates show a greater decrease in headache intensity and duration, take fewer medications and practice more routinely and more often than Dropouts.