Danitracene is an oral antamine preparation; with three effects: anti-serotoninic, anti-histaminic and anti-depressive. Its lack of unpleasant side effects permits its long use for the preventive treatment of migraine. Its chemical structure-ring, C-beta, C-alpha, amine-allows specific blockade of receptors for serotonin and histamine geared to the same configuration. Danitracene preventive treatment with 1-3 x 0.5-1 mgday for a period of 1-3-6 months can almost completely eliminate migraine attacks. Fifty out of 75 patients profited from treatment of 1-3 x 0.5 mgday showing a drop from 5-30 attacks per month to 0-1 attacks per month. During this period 50 cases with high urinary excretion of serotonin, 5-HIAA or histamine were normalized and relieved of their migraine attacks. Starting with very low doses at night overcomes the sedative anti-serotonin effect, improves results and avoids dropouts. Two side-effects typical for anti-serotonin drugs were observed: sedation or dizziness and hyperorexia. The hypnotic effect tended to disappear after protracted treatment with one 0.5 mg doseday only. The hyperoraexia, however could only be overcome by reduced dosage. Randomization, “double-blind” and cross-over design were used in the trial.