Physiological, Clinical and Therapeutical Basis of a New Hypothesis for Headache


  • Fuad Lechin M.D.,

  • Bertha van der Dijs M.D.



In the light of therapeutic, biochemical, physiological, pharmacological and clinical evidences, we postulate that the headache syndrome is due to an autonomic nervous system (ANS) imbalance, triggered by many aetiological factors. Consequently, this syndrome is most often observed in those subjects whose ANS balance is precarious, i.e. neurotics and psychotics. Two main types of headache patients could be differentiated: (1) those showing predominance of the serotonergic (5HT) over the catecholaminergic (CA) system (depressive patients) and (2) those showing predominance of CA over 5HT system (manic or hypomanic patients).