Sinus Headache: A Psychophysiological Study


  • Johnie G. Hamilton Jr. M.A.,

  • Stephen N. Haynes Ph.D.,

  • Linda Gannon Ph.D.,

  • Roma A. Safranek Ph.D.

  • This study was supported, in part by funds from NIMH grant (NIH-ROI-NSCM-14739-01). This study was run concurrently with a larger study by Gannon, Haynes, Safranek and Hamilton, “A Psychophysiological Investigation of Muscle Contraction and Migraine” submitted for publication.



A psychophysiological investigation of sinus headache was performed using low frequency headache controls and high frequency muscle-contraction headache subjects as comparison groups. Two cardiovascular and two electromyograph (EMG) measures were recorded across rest, stress and post-stress adaptation periods. The results indicated no significant differences between groups on either the cardiovascular or EMG measures, however, trial effects were found on the blood volume pulse (BVP) measure. In addition, an interaction effect of trial by headache type on the BVP cognitive stressor was found. Finally, suggestions are advanced for future sinus headache research.