Fatty acid profiles were determined in platelets of 21 patients suffering from Classical Migraine and these results were compared with those obtained in a control group of 24 healthy individuals. Cholesterol levels and the cholesterol/phospholipid ratios of 4 of the migraine patients were investigated and compared with values obtained from 4 age-matched control persons.

No significant differences could be detected between the fatty acid profiles of the migraine and control groups, Analysis of the cholesterol content and the cholesterol/phospholipid ratio of the platelets revealed no significant differences between the two groups.

Freeze-fracture electron microscopy of the platelet membranes of the two groups revealed no striking differences in the protein distribution and environment in the migraine condition.

We conclude that the membranes of platelets of migraine-suffering and control individuals have a similar composition, the symptoms of this disorder thus being mediated by other differences between the platelets.