Medical Evaluation of Migraineurs: Review of the Value of Laboratory and Radiologic Tests


  • Joseph D. Sargent M.D.,

  • Patricia Solbach Ph.D.

  • *This data was collected as part of a research study supported by grant MH 26026 of the National Institute of Mental Health and by a grant from the National Migraine Foundation.



A total of 193 migraineurs underwent a medical screening for entry into a controlled, experimental migraine study. An isotope brain scan or a CT-Scan, EEG, skull X-ray, and laboratory tests, as well as a complete physical examination, were routinely done on each subject. Tests results were examined as to clinical usefulness in the screening for headache. It is the authors' conclusion that a CT-Scan is the most effective screening test and, in most cases, the isotope brain scan, EEG, and skull X-ray can be eliminated.