Migraine, Seizures and Epileptic Focal E.E.G. Abnormalities in a Young Adult: a Nine-year Follow-up




We have studied a 24-year-old woman followed over a nine year period for episodes of migrainous aura sometimes preceding convulsive seizures and associated with persistent and fluctuant focal and paroxysmal E.E.G. abnormalities: the latter appeared on most recordings and involved the left occipital region. All others investigations remained normal and the clinical course was benign. This case resembles the four cases reported by Camfield et al and an additional case reported by Panayiotopoulos. However our case shows that this syndrome may occur in adults (all the previously reported cases concerned adolescents); moreover our observation shows that convulsive seizures may be or not preceded by migrainous aura, that E.E.G. abnormalities may fluctuate when observed during a long term period (nine years); finally, such as in one case reported by Camfield et al the E.E.G. abnormalities were focal.