We have developed a computerized interview program suitable for school-age children with headaches. Behavioral assessment questions have been included. Between 18 and 39% of children and teenagers acknowledge that something happens to influence their headache either the day before, or the day of the headache. Some of the more frequent antecedents included “an especially hard day at work/school/home,” skipping a meal, worrying a lot, and unexpected excitement or pressure. The older the child or adolescent, the more likely he/she acknowledged that an “unpleasant emotional situation” preceded the headache. Chocolate was the only food or beverage identified as a headache antecedent. Heat and sun glare were reported most frequently as weather concomitants of headache. Approximately 30% of the children and teenagers were concerned about headaches interfering with their activities, and between 22 and 46% wanted to control their headaches without medications. Our experience indicates that children who read can complete a computer-based interview containing behavioral assessment questions, and that an appreciable number of children brought to medical attention for their headaches are receptive to behavioral therapies.