Migraine and Cerebral Infarction; Three Case Studies




The authors describe three female patients, ages 30, 23 and 18, with migraine and cerebral infarction, selected from a series of 51 young patients with stroke. All of them were submitted to an extensive clinical and laboratory protocol that included angiography and computer tomography (C.T.), in order to exclude other etiologies for cerebral infarction (C.I.). All patients had episodes of hemispheric cerebral ischemia or infarction and the C.T. scan showed cerebral infarction in each case. The angiograms were normal (except in the first case which showed a transient spasm of the extracranial internal carotid arteries). The first patient has a residual motor deficit but the others recovered completely in a few days. The data analysis suggest a close relationship between migraine and cerebral infarction in our three cases.