Our recent work focused on some immunological aspects of CH patients. We found a decrease in the expression of HLA-B14 antigen on lymphocytes of these patients. In previous studies, we showed that testosterone plasma levels are low in these patients during the crises. It is possible to postulate a correlation between the variation of some hormonal parameter and changes of circulating leukocytes subsets (as in pregnancy and in the pre-eclamptic syndrome).

The following lymphocyte and monocyte subsets were studied using the monoclonal antibodies of Becton Dickinson series: Leu1 +, Leu2+, Leu3a+, Leu7+, Leu10+, ratio helper/ suppressor, LeuM3 +. We compared, using the ANOVA test, the values obtained during a phase of headache crisis versus those obtained out of crisis. A significant increase in lymphocyte subset Leu7+ (20.9±2.5 vs. 13.8±1.1, p<0.05) and in monocyte subset LeuM3 + (26.3 ± 1.4 vs. 20.8 ± 1.2, p<0.05) was observed during the phase of crisis.