Observations on Prodromes of Classic Migraine in a Headache Clinic Population


  • Presented in part at the Twenty Seventh Annual meeting of The American Association for the Study of Headache, New York City, June 15, 1985.



Prodromes of classic migraine were retrospectively studied from the records of 325 patients as regards their type, number, duration, frequency and sidedness in relation to the headache phase. We conclude:

1. Prodromes can affect any of the senses, but most commonly affect the visual field.

2. When more than one prodrome was present, the most common combinations were: Visual + Sensory for two prodromes; visual + sensory + speech for three prodromes; and visual + sensory + speech + motor for four prodromes,

3. Duration and Frequency of prodromes vary widely.

4. A definite statement about sidedness of headache in relation to prodrome could not be made.

We feel a prospective study of prodromes is necessary to examine prodrome phenomena in greater detail.