Thirty subjects were admitted to a double blind study comparing Migraleve with placebo for the relief of acute common migraine attacks. A flexible dose cross over design was used. Twenty four subjects completed the six month study. The results suggest that Migraleve may reduce the duration and possibly the severity of an acute common migraine attack. Although the study was not designed to test for prophylactic effects since the drug was taken only for acute attacks, the results suggest possible long term prophylactic effects. These findings merit further investigation. While depressed patients had a greater number of common migraine attacks of all kinds, depression did not influence the effect of the drug. No serious side effects were noted in the patients during treatment, and the trial drug had an acceptably low incidence of other side effects. Of the 15 patients who expressed a drug preference in comparing the two 3 month study periods blindly, 14 expressed a preference for the Migraleve over the placebo. Further systematic study of these findings is necessary.