Prophylaxis of Migraine: A Comparison Between Naproxen Sodium and Pizotifen




Seventy-four migraine sufferers were entered into a randomized, single-blind study to compare the prophylactic effects of naproxen sodium and pizotifen. 550 mg naproxen sodium twice daily or 0.5 mg pizotifen three times daily were given for up to three months. Response to treatment was determined by monthly clinical assessments and daily patient self-assessment.

Both groups showed a significant decline in both the severity of migraine (p=0.001) and in the frequency of attacks (p = 0.02). No significant differences were detected between groups.

Tolerance to both treatments was good. The most common adverse experience reported by the naproxen sodium treated patients was nausea (6 patients), whereas pizotifen gave rise to weight gain in five patients.

The study has shown that naproxen sodium is a useful prophylactic agent for migraine.