Post-Traumatic Headache Patients I: Demographics, Injuries, Headache and Health Status


  • Michael R. Barnat Ph.D.



While research has recently focused on the perceptions of general headache patients of their disorders, little attention has been paid to post-traumatic headache patients, their perceptions of their disorder and of its course, and their perception of the health care system in which they have become participants. The present study was designed to provide data on these aspects. The respondents were new and return post-traumatic headache patients in a headache treatment center. A survey form was employed and, in a twelve month sampling effort, the opinions of one hundred seventeen patients were obtained. This report describes demographic characteristics of the sample, the patients' premorbid and postmorbid health status, the status of headache and associated symptoms, and descriptions of injuries and of post-traumatic amnesia. Patients and their families are often demoralized by both the symptoms and their slow resolution. They lack information around which to build long term coping strategies. The data in this report can be helpful in tailoring treatment programs and guiding patients with respect to prognosis.