Visual evoked responses (VERs) and spectral analysis of background EEG were obtained from 20migraine patients and their age-matched controls. Full- and half-field reversing checkerboardstimulus presentations elicited no substantial differences between the subject groups for any of themajor component (N75, P100, N145) latencies or amplitudes. No VER differences were found forpatient subcategories based on side of headache, symptom history, or age. However, migrainepatients demonstrated slight but significantly higher mean frequency in their background EEG in the4–8 Hz frequencies in leads C 3 -P 3 and C 4 -P 4 , and a lower mean frequency in the 8–12 Hz band inleads F 3 -C 3 and F 4 -C 3 relative to controls. The results are discussed and compared to previousstudies of visual evoked potentials and EEG in migraine patients.