Piribedil Test in Migraine: Neruoendocrinological Aspects


  • G. Bussone,

  • F. Frediani,

  • E. Lamperti,

  • L. LaMantia,

  • A. Vescovi,

  • C. Peccarisi,

  • A. Boiardi

Gennaro Bussone M.D., Centro Cefalee, Istituto Neurologico “Carlo Besta”, Via Celoria, 11 - 20133 Milano - Italy



Piribedil is a direct central dopamine receptor agonist drug, clinically useful in the diagnosis of migraine. It mayalso be used in the study of migraine pathogenesis, through evaluating dopaminergic “tone”.The observed effects of Piribedil on GH and PRL release, in this study, indicate the existence of dopaminereceptor hypersensitivity in migraine patients. Furthermore our data suggest also the involvement ofnoradrenergic systems in migraine pathogenesis. Estrogen levels do not influence these neuroendocrinologicalresponses to Piribedil, even though the Piribedil test in these female migraine patients was clinically positive (andtherefore diagnostically useful) only during the perimenstrual phase.