Timolol Maleate, A Beta Blocker, In the Treatment of Common Migraine Headache




Timolol maleate, a beta blocker, has been shown to reduce the frequency of common migraine headache in clinical trials. An analysis of 116 patients treated prophylactically for common migraine with timolol maleate 10–30 mg. per day was conducted. There were 35 males and 81 females ranging in age from 19 to 61 years; they experienced 3 to 8 headaches per month. After 6 months 11 patients (9%) showed > 75% improvement, 47 patients (41%) showed 50–74% improvement, 31 patients (27%) showed 25–49% improvement, 23 patients (20%) showed <25% improvement, and 4 patients (3%) discontinued because of side effects. This limited study suggests that timolol maleate may be of benefit in the treatment of some migraine patients.