Subchronic Cluster Headache


  • Lee Kudrow M.D.



A subgroup of 33 patients were distinguished from 59 other patients with episodic cluster headache by shorterremission periods, specifically of less than six months duration. This subgroup (subchronic cluster headache)was compared to episodic cluster headache patients and an additional 29 patients with chronic cluster headache,for differences in several clinical parameters.Results of this study demonstrated that the subchronic group was clinically similar to the chronic group andsignificantly different from episodic cluster headache patients. Thus, sub-chronic cluster headache wascharacterized by an increased frequency of treatment-resistance, headache attacks, drug abuse, hypochondriasisand prolonged cluster periods.Results of this study suggests that subchronic cluster headache, as defined by remission duration of sixmonths or less, may be a clinically relevant class of cluster headache. Distinction of this subgroup from thebroader “episodic” category may permit more accurate prognostic and therapeutic capabilities.