Prophylactic Treatment of Cluster Headache with Budipine


  • H. Krüger,

  • W. Kohlhepp,

  • G. Reimann,

  • H. Przuntek



For two years we have tested the prophylactic efficacy of budipine for the treatment of cluster headache. The open study was carried out on 27 men and 8 women. 23 patients suffered from episodic and 2 from chronic cluster headache. 7 patients had cluster-migraine, and 3 chronic paroxysmal hemicrania. 20 patients were free of cluster headache attacks 2–6 days after beginning daily prophylactic budipine therapy with 15–60 mg. 14 patients showed a markedly decreased frequency of attacks and the intensity of persisting attacks was diminished. One patient reported only a slight improvement. There were no non-responders to budipine therapy. 10 patients showed only mild budipine side effects. Budipine was found very effective for treatment of cluster headache.