Long Acting Propranolol in the Prophylaxis of Migraine. Comparison of the Daily Doses of 80 mg and 160 mg




The efficacy of long acting propranolol in a dosage of 80 mg once daily in comparison to 160 mg once daily was assessed in the prophylactic treatment of migraine in a double-blind cross-over trial. 48 patients with classic or common migraine were included in the investigation, 6 patients withdrew, but only one because of side-effects. A four week run-in placebo period preceded the drug treatments, the duration of drug treatments was 12 weeks and there was a wash-out placebo period of 4 weeks between the treatments.

The two long acting propranolol doses, 80 mg and 160 mg once daily seemed to be equally effective. There was no difference in the antimigraineous effect. Long acting propranolol decreased both the frequency and severity of migraine attacks. Side-effects reported during the trial were mild, both doses were well tolerated. The treatment compliance during the once daily treatment was very good.