“SUNCT” is a recently reported head pain syndrome characterized by short lasting, unilateral neuralgiform paroxysms with conjunctival injection and tearing, and to a lesser extent nasal secretion, and (subclinical)sweating. Another case- that of a 56 year old male-is reported herein. The attacks lasted 1/2–1 min. and occurred only infrequently, i.e. once or twice in 1–4 weeks, except for a week recently when there were up to 20 or more typical attacks per day, with the usual ipsilateral, autonomic accompaniments. Due to the benign nature and low frequency of attacks, the diagnosis would have been most difficult to establish prior to the occurrence of this short lasting period with more marked symptoms. A variety of precipitation mechanisms were present, partly concerning the V 2–3 areas, partly concerning the neck. Precipitation mechanisms in “SUNCT” to some extent seem to differ from those in trigeminal neuralgia. It is remarkable that all four hitherto reported cases are males.