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Abortive Migraine Therapy With Oral Naproxen Sodium Plus Metoclopramide Plus Ergotamine Tartrate With Caffeine


  • Hanna A. Saadah M.D., F.A.C.P.

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    • Clinical Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine and Section of Infectious Disease, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Mercy Health Center.



The oral tablet combination, (550 mgs. of naproxen sodium plus 10 mgs. of metoclopramide plus 1 mg. of ergotamine tartrate plus 100 mgs. of caffeine), was retrospectively studied in 63 patients who used it to abort migraine headaches. On the average, 84% of the headaches were totally aborted; minor side effects occurred in 40% of the patients, and 87% of the patients considered the combination superior to all prior treatments.