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Flunarizine in Migraine: A Double-blind Placebo-controlled Study (in a Saudi Population)


  • S. M. AI Deeb M.D.,

  • N. Biary M.D.,

  • Y. Bahou M.D.,

  • M. AI Jaberi M.D.,

  • W. Khoja M.D.



We evaluated the effect of flunarizine (Fz) (10 mg/d) on migraine in e double-blind placebo-controlled design. The attacks' frequency, duration, severity and associated symptoms were compared before and after treatment. Forty-two patients completed a three-month trial period; 21 patients received Fz and 21 placebo, Statistical analysis showed no significant difference between Fz and placebo (p>0.051. In this study Fz was not more efficient than placebo in migraine.