Migraine Consultations: A Triangle of Viewpoints


Dr. E.A. MacGregor, The City of London Migraine Clinic, 22 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6DX, England.


Several studies have examined patientsapos; attitudes to a consultation for migraine and other headaches. However, a patient's assessment of the problem for which they seek treatment may differ from that of the referring primary physician which may, in turn, differ from the specialist's. This study set out to examine this triangle.The commonest reason for referral was failure of treatment response. This contrasted with the patient's different perception-an increase in the frequency of attacks which we saw as headaches additional to migraine, accounting for failed treatment. Similarly, our view of the patient wanting reassurance paralleled their request for further information. These findings confirmed the hypothesis that recognizing and understanding a patient's fears were important factors towards a favorable outcome of a consultation.