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SUNCT Syndrome: Trials of Drugs and Anesthetic Blockades


Dr. Juan A. Pareja, Region-sykehuset I Trondheim, Department ofNeurology, 7006 Trondheim, Norway.


Nine patients with the SUNCT syndrome (Spanish and Norwegian patients) have, over many years, been given several drugs effective in the cluster headache syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, and other headaches, as well as drugs not previously used in headache. Various cranial nerves were also anesthetized in an endeavor to ameliorate the suffering of those patients.

Although a partial effect was obtained with carbamazepine and corticosteroids in some patients, none of the drugs or anesthetic blockades had consistent, lasting, complete effect on headache paroxysms in SUNCT. The essentially negative outcome of this study aids in further characterizing SUNCT as a separate disorder, and, above all, in distinguishing it from trigeminal neuralgia and the cluster headache syndrome.