Chronic Bilateral Headache Responding to Indomethacin


Address all correspondence to Dr. Jan Hannerz, Department of Neurology, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.


Three patients with bilateral chronic tension-type headache (meeting IHS diagnostic criteria) responded with complete control of the headache during the more than 2 years they were treated with indomethacin. The headache recurred within 12 to 26 hours after indomethacin was stopped. Fifty milligrams of intravenous indomethacin resulted in complete relief of headache for 6.5 to 25 hours, similar to results found earlier in patients with hemicrania continua. It is concluded that there may be a subgroup of patients with bilateral chronic headache who respond to indomethacin in the group of patients otherwise diagnosed as having chronic tension-type headache.