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Acetazolamide Efficacy and Tolerability in Migraine With Aura: A Pilot Study


  • Roberto De Simone MD,

  • Enrico Marano MD,

  • Emanuela Di Stasio MD,

  • Salvatore Bonuso MD,

  • Chiara Fiorillo MD,

  • Vincenzo Bonavita MD

  • From the Headache Center, Department of Neurological Sciences, University “Federico II” of Naples, Italy

Address all correspondence to Dr. Roberto De Simone, Dipartimento di Scienze Neurologiche, Clinica Neurologica, Università Federico II di Napoli, Via Sergio Pansini, 5, I-80131 Naples, Italy.


The study was an open uncontrolled pilot trial to test the efficacy and the tolerability of acetazolamide in a group of 22 outpatients suffering from migraine with aura (MA) with at least one aura episode in the last 2 months.