• triptans;
  • compliance;
  • patient's decision making;
  • patient education

Objective.—To evaluate triptan use patterns in a large Israeli HMO district.

Background.—Triptans, 5HT1B/1D agonists, provide an effective and safe relief of headache and accompanying symptoms during an acute migraine attack.

Method.—We retrospectively reviewed the computerized prescription filling data of 1498 patients who filled a first triptan prescription between July 2003 and June 2004.

Results.—During a 1-year follow-up period, 841 patients (56.1%) purchased triptans only once. Single-time users were significantly more prevalent among men and in patients younger than 30 or older than 70 years.

Conclusions.—It seems that many migraine patients choose not to use triptans after their first experience with the drug.