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Thunderclap Headache Caused by Minimally Invasive Medical Procedures: Description of 2 Cases


  • Flavio Devetag Chalaupka MD,

  • Giorgio Caneve MD,

  • Michela Mauri MD,

  • Giuseppe Zaiotti MD

  • From the Department of Neurology and Neurophysiology, S. Maria del Prato Hospital, Feltre, Italy.

Address all correspondence to Flavio Devetag, Department of Neurology and Neurophysiology, “S. Maria del Prato” Hospital,Via Bagnols sur Cèze 3 32032 Feltre (BL) – Italy.


We report 2 very unusual cases of thunderclap headache complicating minimally invasive medical procedures. In the first case headache developed as the consequence of a pneumocephalus caused by an inadvertent intrathecal puncture during oxygen-ozone therapy for lumbar disk herniation. The second case involved intracranial hypotension, caused by the persistence of the needle, used for epidural anesthesia, and then penetrated in the subarachnoid space.