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MRA Captures Vasospasm in Fatal Migrainous Infarction


  • Nina Marshall MBBS,

  • William A. Maclaurin FRANZCR,

  • George Koulouris FRANZCR

  • From the Department of Radiology, Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Australia.

Address all correspondence to Dr. Nina Marshall, Department of Radiology, Alfred Hospital, Commercial Road, Prahran, Vic. 3181, Australia.


A 57-year-old woman presented with an escalation of her headaches which ultimately progressed to multiple strokes and death. MRI/MRA demonstrated diffuse vasospasm and other causes of stroke were excluded on premortem investigation and postmortem examination. Reversible MRI abnormalities, vasospasm on angiogram and fatal migrainous infarction have been previously reported; however, no previous case with this combination of clinical, imaging, and postmortem findings has been documented.

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