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Must All Patients With Headaches Associated With Sexual Activity Fulfill ICHD-2 Criteria?


  • Ambar Chakravarty MD, FRCP

  • From the Department of Neurology, VIMS, Calcutta, India.

Address all correspondence to Dr. Ambar Chakravarty, Department of Neurology, VIMS, 59 Beadon Street, Calcutta, 700006, India.


Primary headaches associated with sexual activity (more commonly referred to as Benign Sexual Headaches) are uncommon. The International Headache Society has provided diagnostic criteria for such forms of headaches. This article presents 2 case reports of headache occurring in close temporal association with sexual activity but which do not conform to the diagnostic criteria laid down in ICHD-2. Nosological and other issues raised by these cases are discussed and inclusion of such cases within the rubric of Benign Sexual Headaches is argued.