Bilateral Painful Idiopathic Ophthalmoplegia: A Case Report


  • Andrea Nieri MD,

  • Rodrigo Bazan MD,

  • Leila Almeida MD,

  • Fernando C. Rocha MD, PhD,

  • César N. Raffin MD, PhD,

  • Marcelo E. Bigal MD, PhD,

  • Arthur O. Schelp MD, PhD

  • From the Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho, Clinical Neurology, Botucatu, SP, Brazil (Drs. Nieri, Bazan, Almeida, Rocha, Raffin, and Schelp); The Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Neurology, Bronx, NY, USA (Dr. Bigal); and The New England Center for Headache, Stamford, CT, USA (Dr. Bigal).

Address all correspondence to Dr. Andrea B. Nieri, Department of Clinical Neurology, Universidade Estadual Paulista/FMB, CP 540-18618-970, Botucatu, SP, Brazil.


Around 3% of the individuals with painful ophthalmoplegia have bilateral complaints. In the vast majority of these cases, appropriate investigation demonstrates a secondary etiology, and we are not aware of idiopathic cases reported. Herein we report a case of bilateral ophthalmoplegia where extensive investigation did not suggest a secondary cause.