50th Anniversary of the AHS: A Note From the President


  • Paul Winner DO, FAAN, FAAP, FAHS


Dr. Winner is the Director of the Palm Beach Headache Center, attending neurologist at Palm Beach Neurology, and Clinical Professor of Neurology at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He is the current president of the American Headache Society.

The American Headache Society has enjoyed steady and progressive growth over the past 50 years, and “Headache, The Journal of Head and Face Pain” has been a key component in the success of our organization. The journal has helped chronicle the evolution of headache medicine as a subspecialty and disseminate news of important advances in the field. In the fullest sense, the journal continues to assist the Society in meeting its primary mission: to improve the care and lives of headache sufferers.

This special 50th Anniversary issue highlights the “Top Breakthroughs” in headache, specifically addressing our heightened understanding of the headache's pathophysiology, findings from the rapidly evolving area of migraine genetics, the impact of the International Classification for Headache Disorders, functional imaging, advances in both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatment, new systems of care for headache patients, the development of a system for certification of headache specialists and fellowship training programs and, last but far from least, the long-delayed but nonetheless welcome recognition of headache as a “real” disease.

In the section entitled “My Favorite Paper,” some of our recognized experts – young and less young – identify and extol those published manuscripts that particularly have fueled their own enthusiasm for the field, as well as influenced the thoughts and behavior of educators, clinicians, scientists, and headache sufferers.

In the “Looking Back” and “Looking Forward” sections, authors possessed of an especially keen sense of perspective advise us of how we came to where now we are, along with the challenges confronting the field of headache medicine in the future.

Headache, The Journal of Head and Face Pain, has proven to be a cornerstone of the American Headache Society and will continue to serve in its place as a prominent component of the American Headache Society. Future issues will be available both in print and through multiple digital offerings, providing physicians and allied healthcare professionals a vital link to important breakthroughs in the field of headache medicine.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all past and present editors, editorial board members, staff, and ad hoc reviewers for their often unseen and unsung efforts – efforts that have resulted in a consistently informative and entertaining journal in which our Society justifiably may take great pride.