Treatment of Post-Dural Puncture Headache With Bilateral Greater Occipital Nerve Block


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S. Akin Takmaz, 30, Cad 386, Sok Kardelen Sit, A Blok No: 7/35 Umitkoy Ankara, Turkey.


(Headache 2010;50:869-881)

Epidural blood patch is an effective treatment with a low complication rate. It is also an invasive method that can cause permanent neurological sequelae such as early and late back pain, radiculopathy, spinal-subdural hematoma, spinal-epiarachnoid hematoma, intrathecal hematoma, arachnoiditis, and infection. We report a case in which a postdural puncture headache resolved within 2 minutes of a greater occipital nerve block, a minimally invasive and easy procedure with a low complication rate. This case report suggests that a greater occipital nerve block may be a successful alternative treatment for patients with post-dural puncture headache.