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Acute Treatment of Basilar-Type Migraine With Greater Occipital Nerve Blockade


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E. Baron, Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute—Neurology, 9500 Euclid Avenue/T33 Mailcode: S100c Cleveland, OH 44195, USA.


(Headache 2010;50:1057-1069)

Basilar-type migraine (BTM) precludes use of migraine-specific medications such as triptans and ergots based on concerns originating from the vascular theory of migraine, although data supporting this contraindication are lacking. Availability of effective treatments for acute BTM is limited. We report a case of BTM aborted with greater occipital nerve (GON) blockade given in the setting of prominent suboccipital tenderness. GON blockade may provide an additional option in acute management of BTM. It may be particularly useful when associated with prominent ipsilateral suboccipital tenderness.