• migraine without aura;
  • bronchial hyper-reactivity;
  • methacholine;
  • inflammation

Objective.— We attempted to investigate the relationship between migraine without aura (MwoA) and bronchial hyper-reactivity to postulate inflammation as an underlying mechanism in migraine.

Background.— Comorbidity of migraine and atopic diseases such as asthma has been an argument for suspected immune system dysfunction in migraineurs.

Methods.— Twenty patients with MwoA and 5 control subjects without history of atophy and asthma were included in study. Subjects with abnormal physical examination and chest radiographs were excluded. After a normal spirometry, methacholine bronchoprovocation test was performed in all subjects and controls according to 5 breath dosimeter methods.

Results.— Sixteen of 20 patients and 2 of 5 control subjects were women. Mean ages were 37.5 (19-56) and 33.8 (26-43) years, respectively. Methacholine bronchoprovocation test was positive in 3 patients (15%) but was normal in all controls (0%).

Conclusions.— The relationship between MwoA and bronchial hyper-reactivity may help to postulate the inflammation in migraine as an underlying mechanism.