Direct Placement of a Brachial Plexus Neural Catheter for Analgesia after Traumatic Upper Limb Amputation


Jeremy Granville-Chapman, MRCS, Frimley Park Hospital—Trauma and Orthopaedics, Portsmouth Road Frimley, Camberley Gu16 7UJ, UK. Tel: +441276604604; E-mail:


We report a case of traumatic upper limb injury that resulted in above elbow amputation. A multimodal approach was employed to optimize postoperative analgesia; this included continuous peripheral nerve blockade, initiated intraoperatively. Surgical access onto the axillary artery for proximal vascular control allowed placement of the nerve catheter under direct vision onto the brachial plexus. The pathophysiology of phantom pain is related to our case experience. This report highlights the complex challenge of controlling pain in combat casualties and promotes employment of multimodal analgesic strategies, including advanced regional anesthesia, in the military setting.