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Pulsed Radio Frequency Energy in the Treatment of Painful Chronic Cutaneous Wounds: A Report of Two Cases


Michael Maier, DPM, FACCWS, Lower Extremity Wound Clinic, Cardiovascular Medicine, Section of Vascular Medicine/J3-5, Cleveland Clinic, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44195, USA. Tel: 216-445-6042; Fax: 216-636-6976; E-mail:


Setting.  Chronic cutaneous wounds may cause considerable pain, often affecting patient compliance with necessary treatment protocols.

Patients.  Two patients are presented who were unable to comply with compression therapy because of severe wound pain.

Intervention.  Adjunctive pulsed radio frequency energy was administered for 30 minutes twice daily through an applicator pad placed directly on the dressing over the wound area.

Results.  Both patients reported immediate, marked pain reduction, allowing compression therapy. The ulcers healed completely within 3 weeks for patient 1 and 28 weeks for patient 2.

Conclusions.  Further investigation into the efficacy of pulsed radio frequency energy for the treatment of painful wounds is warranted.