The Abuse Potential of Remoxy®, an Extended-Release Formulation of Oxycodone, Compared with Immediate- and Extended-Release Oxycodone


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Objectives.  Remoxy® is a water-insoluble, highly viscous oral formulation of oxycodone extended release (ER) currently in development. The primary objective was to determine the abuse potential of Remoxy under fed conditions relative to oxycodone ER and immediate release (IR) under fasted conditions and compared with placebo (treatment group X). A secondary objective was to evaluate abuse potential under reversed fed/fasted conditions (treatment group Y).

Design.  Phase I randomized double-blind triple-dummy placebo- and active-controlled 6-way crossover study.

Setting.  A single US site.

Patients.  Healthy men and women aged 18–50 years who were nondependent, recreational opioid users.

Interventions.  Remoxy 40 mg whole and chewed, oxycodone ER 40 mg whole and crushed, oxycodone IR 40 mg crushed, and placebo.

Outcome Measures.  The primary endpoint was the drug liking subscale of the drug effects questionnaire assessed by various pharmacodynamic parameters. Secondary endpoints included additional pharmacodynamic measures, chewing duration, and safety measures.

Results.  In treatment group X, Remoxy whole (fed) and chewed (fed) had a significantly lower abuse potential compared with oxycodone ER (crushed, fasted) and IR (fasted) based on the majority of pharmacodynamic parameters of interest for the primary endpoint (drug liking subscale) as well as secondary endpoints. Treatment group Y showed generally similar results.

Conclusions.  The abuse potential of Remoxy when taken whole or chewed was significantly lower than two comparators with known abuse potential, including oxycodone IR and crushed oxycodone ER, under the fed/fasted conditions tested. Remoxy may be associated with a reduced risk potential for abuse.