• Temporal lobe epilepsy;
  • Interictal epileptic focus;
  • Visual short-term memory;
  • Visual learning;
  • Delayed recall

Summary: We administered a visual selective reminding procedure for the learning of designs to healthy controls and to left or right temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) patients without demonstrable brain lesions. In comparison with the other groups, right TLE patients showed a deficit of learning characterized by an impairment in storing visual material and consistently retrieving it from long-term memory. Patients with left TLE performed similarly to controls. These data are consistent with the hypothesis of right hippocampal involvement in the learning of nonverbal material. Delayed retrieval of learned material was similar in all the subject groups tested at long time intervals, suggesting the impairment of learning in patients with right TLE does not necessarily imply a subsequent deficit in the retrieval of stored information. This finding may agree with the opinion that distinct functional systems subserve learning and memory.