• Epidemiology;
  • Elderly;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Incidence;
  • Iceland

Summary: Purpose: We wished to determine the incidence of epilepsy in the population of rural Iceland.

Methods: Cases were identified through review of records of primary care facilities for the study population, supplemented by review of referrals to EEG facilities and neurologic specialists.

Results: The incidence of epilepsy (recurrent unprovoked seizures) was 47 in 100,000. Age-specific incidence was bimodal, highest in the youngest and oldest age groups. About one third of the patients had an identifiable etiology, and one third had partial seizures. Integration of imaging and neurophysiologic data did little to modify the distribution of etiology or seizure type.

Conclusions: The present study confirms findings of other recent studies of incidence in Western Countries.