December 2006

60th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society (AES) – First North American Regional Epilepsy Congress

1–5 December

San Diego, California, USA

January 2007

9th Asian Oceanian Congress of Child Neurology

24–27 January

Cebui City, Cebu Philippines

February 2007

1st Latin American Summer School on Epilepsy (LASSE)

4–14 February

São Paulo, Brazil


1st East Mediterranean Epilepsy Congress

21–24 February

Luxor, Egypt

April 2007

International Symposium on Biology of Seizure Susceptibility (ISBSS): (10th Annual Meeting of Infantile Seizure Society)

7–8 April

Tokyo, Japan

First London Colloquium on Status Epilepticus

12–14 April

London, UK

American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 59th Annual Meeting

28 April–5 May

Boston, MA, USA

June 2007

17th European Neurological Society (ENS) Meeting

16–20 June

Rhodes, Greece

July 2007

27th International Epilepsy Congress

8–12 July